Jan 20


NEW CAESAR GUERINI MAGNUS SPORTER 30’’ MULTI CHOKE CASED                            AVAILABLE NOW           £3200

BROWNING B525 12G SPORTER Grade 1 Left Handed Multi Choke, Cased                                                              X DEMO  £1250

BROWNING A1 28’’ ¾ and Full choked Nice condition           £1100

FABARM AXIS RS12 30’’ SPORTER Adjustable Stock Multi Choke Cased As New                                                            X DEMO  £1495

FABARM ELOS SYREN SPORTING Ladies Gun28’’ 13 ¾’’ Stock Multi Choke Cased                                                  X DEMO £1395

BROWNING B725 20G HUNTER  BLACK & GOLD 30’’ Game Gun Multi Choke,Cased Very Good Condition                 £1795

BROWNING B725 PRO TRAP 32’’ Very good condition Full set of Extended chokes, Browning case,                                          £2295

PERAZZI MX8 SPORTER 29 ½  Perazzi Multi Choke, Monte Carlo stock little used, Cased                                                             £3495

BROWNING B425 12G Grade 1 28’’ Fixed Choke, Cased     £745

BROWNING B325 20G Left Handed Grade 1 28’’ Multi Choke, Cased                                                                                 £895

MIROKU MK70 12G SPORTER Grade 1 30’’ Adjustable Stock, Multi Choke, Nice Condition                                                     £950               

BERETTA SILVER PIGEON 1 12G 28’’ Multi Choke Cased

Very Clean                                                                               £1095

LONATO 12G TRAP GUN ¾ and full Ideal first trap gun £495

ZABALA  HERMANOS 12G O/U 28‘’ Multi Choke          £395

PARKER HALE 12g Trap/Sporter ½ and ½ choked sporting stock included                                                                                   £550

MIROKU  SKEET GUN 12G 26’’ Black Action                        £525

MIROKU  SKEET GUN 12G 26’’Silver Action, Wide Rib £695

HATSAN ESCORT Semi Auto 12G 3’’ Magnum, Multi Choke, Very Clean                                                                                         £175

HATSAN ESCORT Semi Auto 2OG Multi Choke, Short Stock                                                                                                       £145

HATSAN ESCORT YOUTH Semi Auto 2OG Multi Choke, Short Stock                                                                                 £185

BERETTA 302 Semi Auto 28’’ Multi Choke Clean Gun          £275

FAUSTI 20G Side x Side  28’’  X Demo                                  £995

GUNMARK KESTREL 20G SxS 27’’                                      £295

BAKIAL 12G Single Barrel                                                    £30


RUGER M77 Mk11 22.250 Varmint Bolt Action Rifle Laminate/ Stainless Scope and Moderator included                               £450

PARKER HALE .243 Bolt Action Rifle with rings                     £150

PARKER HALE .222 Bolt Action Rifle                                     £245

RUGER 10/22 Semi Auto Scope, Moderator,                  £295

RUGER 10/22 Semi Auto Scope, Moderator,                  £195

BSA .22LR Bolt Action Rifle  Choice of 2              from         £225



BSA METEOR EVO .22 Break Barrel with scope                         £195